Yanto Jaya

Advocate & Litigator - PARTNER

Yanto Jaya is a Partner at Sheyoputra Law Office who has more than 30 years of experience as an advocate. Yanto holds his Bachelor of Law from the Islamic University of North Sumatra (‘UISU’). Currently, he is also undergoing a master degree at the University of 17 August 1945 (‘Untag’) in Jakarta.

Yanto is an administrator and member of the Indonesian Legal Advisors Association (IPHI) as well as Indonesian Advocates Congress (KAI). The area of ​​law that Yanto focuses on is always evolving to fit the legal needs of the clients. At Sheyoputra Law Office, Yanto is heavily involved in intellectual property rights litigation, criminal law, civil law, family law, and labor law.


Bachelor of Law, Islamic University of North Sumatra

Focus Areas

Intellectual Property Rights

Criminal Law

Civil Law

Family Law

Labor Law