The Manager Of The Ciracas Market Traders Cooperative Denies Fraud And Embezzlement Of Customer Funds

3 February 2024

JAKARTA The attorney for the Ciracas Market Trade Cooperative (Koppas) Donny Alamsyah Sheyoputra denied allegations of embezzlement and fraud in the cooperative funds of the Ciracas market traders. According to Donny, the problem with the return of cooperative funds occurred was due to bad credit liquidity.

According to Donny, the demonstration carried out by the Ciracas market traders on January 20, 2024, allegedly wanted to clash with the traders with the cooperative management.

“It is suspected that there was an attempt to clash the traders who were members of the cooperative. I said so because actually the cooperative management had tried their best to be able to return one by one the customer’s money. However, traders are suspected of being provoked to become clients of certain lawyers who want to receive returns in one door only,” Donny said in a letter received by VOI, Saturday, February 3.

Donny questioned the provisions governing the return of cooperative money. According to him, there is not a single law that can regulate that cooperatives must comply with the wishes of a lawyer, there is a cooperative that is obliged to return its member funds.

“Why is one-door efforts being pursued and forced, because it is suspected that there is an interest in cutting the commission from the lawyer,” he said.

“If the lawyer did not make a criminal report on alleged fraud which I think is very far-fetched, the return process would continue, and many customers would have been paid off,” Donny continued while showing proof of a photo of the refund.

He conveyed that there were problems with the return of the money from cooperative members, one of which was because Koppas Ciracas had a liquidity problem, with bad credit for repayment of loans.

“So it is not true that the return of cooperative members’ money was hampered due to fraud, let alone embezzlement. Liquidity disturbances occurred because of customers borrowing, their efforts were affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, so they were disrupted by the return. Unlike fraud, if the fraud is an attempt, for example with false identities, false words, false dignity with a series of actions, persuading people to place their funds, so what is it that cheats and where is it? “concluded Donny.

As previously reported, hundreds of traders from Ciracas Market under the auspices of Perumda Pasar Jaya held a demonstration in the market yard, Jalan Ciracas, Ciracas District, East Jakarta, Tuesday, January 30.

The demonstration was carried out by traders regarding the disbursement of savings funds from traders allegedly embezzled by the cooperative management. The traders demonstrated by unfurling a banner of demands.

“So far, market traders have been asking cooperative management to disburse savings funds from traders who are their customers for more than three years. It has been decades since they paid in installments to save, but when they were billed it is difficult. Some of our friends even died because they thought about their savings in cooperatives that were difficult to take, there were 4-5 people,” said Indra, one of the market traders at the location, Tuesday, January 30.

The traders have reported this matter to the East Jakarta Metro Police but have not produced results. The police have not yet named a suspect in the case.

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